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Inspirational, funny, romantic, and a festival favorite, Works in Progress centers on two lifelong friends and artists, John (Greg Brostrom) and Patrick ( Ben Jeffrey-The Lion King on Broadway), who move together from their rural roots to the big city in hopes of making it in the art world. They quickly attract the attention of an unscrupulous art dealer (Sam Kane), who convinces them to compromise their artistic integrity for financial gain. During a gallery tour, John sees and is attracted to the beautiful, but lonely, Abbey (Christina Blodgett). Despite her harsh criticism of their work, John perseveres and the two begin to date. Patrick and a friend hack into Abbey’s online diary to help John win her heart.

The secrets that Patrick shares first strengthen, then undermine, the love and trust between John and Abbey. In the end she realizes that they are both Works in Progress.

“A very enjoyable, charming film, highly recommended.” – Good News Film Reviews

Works in Progress is a marvel.” – Kansas City Star


Official Selection Heartland Film Festival
Official Selection San Antonio Film Festival
Official Selection Kansas Film Festival
Official Selection On Location: Memphis International Film Festival
Official Selection Feel Good Film Festival
Official Selection New filmmakers Film Festival New York
Official Selection Independents Films Festival Tampa
Official Selection Tulsa International Film Festival
Official Selection International Family Film Festival

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Director: Stephen Wallace Pruitt
Starring: Greg Brostrom, Ben Jeffrey, Christina Blodgett, Kate Bartholomew, Ian Dempsey, Jeffrey Brown, Sam Kane and Anita Cordell
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 109 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy