On a remote farm in the sweeping hills of Pennsylvania, three lives are torn apart by love, abandonment, deception and murder. After the death of his father, John and his new wife, Diane, arrive to claim the estate. But John’s father bequeathed to him more than just the family farm, and he is forced to face a heritage of madness and violence. As John’s past consumes his mind with increasing intensity, Diane finds friendship with his childhood sweetheart, Mindy. Soon old feelings are rekindled, family ties are tightened to a noose, and Mindy’s own secrets crack the very foundation of house and home. Windcroft is a taught, suspenseful thriller combining doomed romances and picture perfect scenery with isolation, madness and murder. With complex characters and shocking twists, Windcroft takes the audience on a journey into the darkest regions of the soul.

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Director: Evan A. Meszaros
Starring: Joe Ryan, Vanessa Daniels, Monica Knight
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running Time: 96 Minutes