New York City has a secret. Deep in its underground tunnels hides a city of the homeless, called Scum City. In it, a Kid has survived the abuse and torment of the world. When he meets The Old Man, who has come to Scum City from a kingdom deep within the earth, everything changes. He has come to find the five nobles who have been lost and return them to the Paradise deep within. He has a map, and a crystal – when smoked – grants clarity of vision needed to accomplish the mission. The Old Man had a bodyguard named Goliath, who is now committed to violence and murder and the capture of the Map and the Crystal. The Kid believes in the Old Man and becomes his protector. He must also protect Julia, a young girl left alone in the tunnels, while finding a way to decipher the Old Man’s secrets, safeguard the map, and find a way for himself and Julia that leads to Paradise.

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Director: John Harlacher
Starring: Sebastian Montoya, Rick Poli, Larry Swansen
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi