UNSCRIPTED is a half-hour biography series featuring 107 episodes with some of the most beloved personalities from the entertainment world. Produced in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles, UNSCRIPTED is a half-hour trip inside the life and work of some of the World’s most beloved stage and screen actors and personalities. Un-hosted, with the actors taking center stage, UNSCRIPTED is deep, meaningful and introspective where most celebrity talk shows are sensationalistic and shallow.  From Martin Landau, Bob Newhart, Florence Henderson, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and George Hamilton, to Rose Marie, Leeza Gibbons, Hector Elizondo, Rib Taylor, Shelly Berman, Bruce Jenner, Peter Graves, Erin Brockovitch, Louis Gosset Jr., Cedric the Entertainer and many more, some of Hollywood’s most interesting people invite you on a half-hour trip inside their life and work. The show is very easily localized (no host) and it’s available in both Standard and High Definition.

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Director: Various
Starring: Various
Year: 2009/2010
Country: USA
Running Time: 107 x 30 Minutes
Genre: TV Series