Original title: “Nieruchomy Poruszyciel”

Unmoved Movers is an erotic thriller. It starts like a sad story of human conditions which soon turns into a bad dream, and ultimately regresses into a violent nightmare. Based on real events in a small suburban town in Poland, that captured the attention and shocked the nation, Unmoved Mover tells the story of a group of seemingly ordinary people in a seemingly ordinary small community, who become involved in a secret world where individuals exchange illicit sexual favors.

Teresa and her husband work in a glass factory, the only employer in town. When Teresa does not go to work one day, her boss shows up at her doorstep and calls her a whore. What we are soon to learn is that Teresa who used to be a willing participant in a swinger sex group, now finds herself enslaved by her boss and a group of men at the factory, who sexually abuse her. This leads to the discovery of a disturbing underground cult in town, where people join groups to satisfy their sexual curiosity. What begins with people seemingly acting out of free will quickly turns into manipulation, coercion and enslavement, where individual’s freedoms and lives are ultimately at risk. Unmoved Mover speaks to sexual slavery in today’s world, exploring the outer limits of human behavior; providing no shelter from the presentation of abuse, violence and possibly murder, all in the name of satisfying desire.

In the tradition of “TOKYO DECADENCE” and “HOSTEL”

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Director: Lukasz Barczyk
Starring: Jan Frycz, Andrzej Chyra, Marieta Zukowska, Stanislawa Celinska
Year: 2009
Country: Poland
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Genre: Thriller/Suspense