During the Evening of March 13 1997, thousands of Arizona residents witnessed a silent mile long V-shaped formating of lights slowly gliding overhead. The unexplained sightings garnered headline news, catching the attention of USA Today, Extra, CNN, MSNBC, national morning TV shows and evening news shows including: Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather. One person, however; was not at all surprised by this, but simply grateful that the phenomenon she’d been witnessing and documenting for months was being validated. Dr. Lynne Kitei’s M.D. first-hand experience, as well as, her starteling photographs, are considered by optical physicists and experts in the fields as groudbreaking and historic. After seven years of meticulous research, she is coming forward with stunning data, personal interviews and in depth examination of the strange lights seen over Phoenix and witnessed by thousands on March 13th 1997. Includes testimonials from ordinary people, professionals, military people, police, a 911 dispatcher, a Phoenix council woman and the former governor of the State of Arizona! Loaded with DVD Extras! Including Media Montage and Interviews. PLUS: Astounding Official NASA Footage and Spectacular August 30th 2006 Sighting Revealed for the First Time!

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Director: DR. LYNNE KITEI M.D.
Starring: Best film ever made on UFO’s’ Alfred Lehmberg, Alien View – UFO Hunters
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running Time: 79 Minutes
Genre: Documentary