New York City… The Center of the Universe. The City that Never Sleeps. The Big Apple! Fun, excitement and mystery everywhere you look! Unless of course you happen to be Jack the Squirrel, destined, it seems, to spend the rest of his youth in a boring little garden on the Lower East Side. ‘Someday we’ll be allowed to leave this stupid garden,’ Jack grumbles to his best friend, Miguel the Sparrow, as he stares forlornly through the fence. ‘I’m in no rush to leave,’ Miguel says. ‘We’ve got the three ‘F’s here — friends, family and fajita-flavored bird seed. Actually, that’s four ‘F’s’ Dimitri, the leader of the neighborhood’s vicious gang of rats, has his eye on the garden, the only piece of real estate in the area he doesn’t rule. When he and his army of rats invade the garden, Jack and Miguel are thrust out into the world, they must find help. Jack’s father makes a parting plea to his son, ‘Find your Uncle, Jack. He lives in the garden on 116th and Broadway. Find him! He’ll know what to do!’ And so begins Jack and Miguel’s great adventure. The two friends set off across the island of Manhattan, where they will face dangers never before imagined, encounter strange and beautiful creatures, and even eat cheese. But most importantly, Jack learns that one’s home — no matter how boring it may seem — is something worth fighting for. And Miguel learns that not everything on the ground is edible.

Running Time: 90 Minutes
Genre: Animation