This suspenseful and very engaging story is set against the desolate backdrop of the dusty border town of Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico – stone throw away from Ciudad Juarez. It is only three days before town citizens will fill the streets for the annual parade in honor of Mexico’s favorite son – Pancho Villa. Three men, strangers to each other, arrive on the eve of the celebration; one to meet his sister and her child and escort them to new life in Texas; second, an FBI agent turned reclusive burnout, looking to disappear from his professional life of violence and despair; and third, a drifter just released from the Ojinaga prison. In a matter of seconds, a horrific event shatters everything, and the three men are brought together by destiny. In the coming days, each of them will bleed, sacrifice and ultimately come to understand that it takes only one act, one moment for everything to change, forever. Each of them must make a moments decision that will affect all of their lives, as they enter a world where everything is connected. Confronted with the unexpected frailty of time, and no room to think or error, they will feel The Fragility of the Seconds.

Starring: Julio Cesar Cedillo (Cowboys & Aliens, The Mist, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada),  Matthew Stephen Tompkins (Missionary Man, Killing Down)

From Vanguard Cinema

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Director: Matthew Stephen Tompkins and Julio Cesar Cedillo
Starring: Matthew Stephen Tompkins, Chuck Huber, Francisco Rojero
Year: 2009
Country: USA/Mexico
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Genre: Thriller/Suspense