Nuts, a destitute and homeless street vendor, (Ben Vereen) zaps a cynical stand-up comedian with a mystical hex; sending the comic into the underworld of the homeless on a wacky odyssey of redemption. Pipes (Houlihan), an alcoholic jerk, insults Nuts upon their chance encounter resulting in Nuts suffering an apoplectic seizure from his abuse. Nuts vows revenge, putting a hex on Pipes, resulting in him losing everything he has, including his mind. Tapioca is a comic tale of redemption, a hilarious voyage into the lower depths of humanity with a powerful dose of social justice. Shot on the streets of Chicago the film features many of the windy cities most revered comics, theatre actors and writers. Featuring musical score by Ryan Cohan and cartoons by Pulitzer Prize winner Jack Higgins.

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Director: Paddy Houlihan
Starring: Ben Vereen (Emmy & Tony Award Winner – Roots, All that Jazz), Greg Hollimon (The Fugitive, Strangers with Canday), Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live)
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Genre: Comedy