OFFICIAL SELECTION! NEW YORK INDEPENDENT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL! Young, good looking people, meet up by chance on holiday in France; tree sisters and a hunk they never met before. On the surface eveything is fun and friendly, but under the surface, a tangled web charged with emotional and sexual tensions ensues. In their break from normal life, the sisters must deal with thier fractured past, and as the sisters get to know the young man better, he must reconcile what he’d like people to think of him, with what he actually is. A holiday road movie filled with images of sun, sand, and skin.

Director: Johny Williams
Starring: Nigel Chisholm, Leonite Hass, Siri Ingul, Antonina Lewis.
Year: 2005
Country: UK/FRANCE
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Genre: Drama