Billy and Steve owe drug dealer Tyvan a lot of money for marijuana that they smoked but were supposed to sell for him. To pay off their debt to the violent and unpredictable criminal, they decide to pull an armed robbery on a car wash. Things go haywire and their life of crime goes spiraling out of control when sometimes-girlfriend Mary Lou joins them and their getaway driver turns on them. It’s Rockers versus Gangster Rappers in the heartland of the bad Chicago streets.

“Crime Always Pays Back. ”

“The kind of stylish flick Hollywood repeatedly tries but fails to deliver.” —Irvine Welsh (Author of Trainspotting)
“A raging heavy-metal suicide Trip”    — Noir Bar

Sweet Leaf is a high energy, no holds bar kind of film.”   —Film Stallions



Austin Film Festival 2013

Dark Matters Film Fest 2013

Drive In Film Festival 2013

The Los Angeles Art House Film Festival 2013

IFS Filmfest 2013

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Director: Julian Grant
Starring: Brandon Galatz, Sean Patrick Laonard, Zane Byrdy
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Genre: Action