Anneka Hawn and Clay Monroe, one-hit wonders “Kill The Puppy,” may be washed-up… but they are still dirty. Modesto filmmaker; Kevin Keith Baker, follows the bitterly divorced rockers as they unleash their music on a whole new audience: Kindergarteners. By day, they’re “Sunny & Share,” injecting their twisted tunes about pedophilia, lung cancer and homemade bombs into the curriculum. By night,
they walk on the dark side, dabbling in drugs, amateur porn and prostitution. Finally, a rock ‘n’ roll movie musical for the unattractive, unloved, unarmed inner child in each of us.

“SUNNY & SHARE LOVE YOU is a powerhouse film!” —Film Threat
Winner! Best Soundtrack! Outfest

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Director: Matthew Buzzell
Starring: Michele Mulroney, Micah Schraft, Mink Stole, Diedrich Bader, Martin Klebba
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Genre: Comedy