Kate Glover’s gory ‘slasher’ movie is set during one terrifying night at a remote pub in the Australian outback. When a new worker joins the group of bar staff, the sexual tension starts to rise and so too does the body count. The gruesome reality becomes clear as one-by-one the bar staff, meet their grizzly demise, leaving bar-girl Jamie alone in a desperate struggle for survival…

“In the fine tradition of Australian horror that began with Mad Max!”
—ABC Australia

“Three cheers for Slaughtered. Tap into it whenever and wherever you can!”
—Michael Helms, Fangoria

“A fresh new voice has arrived in horror cinema” —Horror Talk

“Delivers solid scares. Can’t get over the director only being 22 years old. Impressive!” —Fatally Yours

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Director: Kate Glover
Starring: Kate Glover, Chloe Boreham, Christopher Tomkinson, Cassandra Swaby, Steven O’Donnell, James Kerley, Erica Baron, Roger Adam Smith, Robin Royce Queree
Year: 2010
Country: Australia
Running Time: 78 Minutes
Genre: Horror