A modern re-telling of Luis Buñuel Los Olvidados, and starring its young boy star, appearing here as an old man. Fifteen-year old Frank sells his body to men to survive and to feed his drug habit. His best friend and dealer advises him on how to get a woman, something the young boy has no experience with. Frank’ attraction to beatiful Angelica is about to blossom when an old man turns up in his life, confusing Frank about life, priorities and his own sexual orientation. A shocking coming-of-age story set against a dark and seductive underbelly of Mexico City. A film by Mexico’s hot young director Leopoldo Laborde (Enemigo).

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Director: Leopoldo laborde
Starring: ROBERTO COBO (los olvidados, a place without limits), FRANCISCO REY, DAVID VALDEZ, MARIANA GAJA, ROVERTO TRUJILLO
Year: 2002
Country: Mexico
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Genre: Drama