Life in the small town of Beaumont, Texas is more complex than it would seem. Jude Farnie has lived here all of her life with her mother, Grace, and grandmother, Nofia. It’s all she’s ever known … and all she’s ever wanted to get away from. The only things that make Jude’s existence bearable are her stacks of videotapes, a drawer full of self-help books and her best friend, Riley Jefferson. Jude has the unfortunate ability to see both sides of every coin, and therefore suffers from a terrible case of option-paralysis. Her desire to follow her dreams is often crushed by forces she thinks are beyond her control. Everyone around her seems to have it all figured out, which convinces Jude she has to search for her own ‘wooden watermelons.’

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Starring: Wendy English, Chad Shafer, Scott M Rudolph, Dixie Tucker
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Genre: Drama