From the time Ryan was just a boy, he has had only one dream – to become an artist. But his cowboy father thinks art is a joke, while an Indian family across the street believes art is Ryan’s destiny. He struggles to find his voice as an artist, while getting rejected by gallery after gallery in his attempts at securing an exhibit of his work. Priya, the exotic Indian girl across the street, seems to believe in his talent and Ram, Priya’s Dad, might have the answers to Ryan’s karma. Or does he? Ryan’s older brother John, the dysfunctional screw up, ironically could hold the key. Cultures clash humorously when Ram discovers his beloved daughter has fallen in love with the struggling artist, setting off a dramatic confrontation that leaves all relationships at risk. Will Ryan achieve his dream? Will he get the girl? It is all up to Karma…

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Director: Ken Oelerich
Starring: Colin Stark, Ajay Vidure, Shazia, Jay Harik
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy