When Nick returns home to find his finance Kayla has committed suicide, the shell-shocked ex-soldier decides to take his own life as a result. In the seconds before he is resuscitated by friends, Nick experiences a series of vivid flashbacks that lead him to believe that Kayla was actually murdered. In order to discover the truth, Nick must now visit the afterlife to find Kayla and gather more clues to solving the murder, the only problem is he will have to return over and over again.

“Some Die to Forget. He Dies to Remember”        

“A Remarkable Piece of Cinema.”   —Horror Talk

“Terrific…like MEMENTO.”   —Horror Movie Diary

“Intelligent and thought provoking.”   —The Hollywood News

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Director: Shawn Holmes
Starring: Michael Guy Allen, Meg Barick, Zac Snyder, Julian Curl
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running Time: 72 Minutes
Genre: Thriller/Suspense