Acey is a beautiful teen imprisoned in a brutal existance, virtually invisible to her alcoholic adopted dad, abandoned by her adoptive mom, and plagued by a creepy, mystical condition in which she levitates off her bed while she is sleeping, only to wake and plummet back to the mattress and her dreary life. Acey sets out to find her real mother. On her journey she encounters downbeat (Ernie Hudson) a blues radio disc jockey and a luminous young man named Bob (Jeremy London), who seems to watch over Acey wherever she goes and whom she falls in love with. She succeeds in finding her biological mom (Ann Magnuson) in a bitter confrontation at the same time as she discovers the world behind her magical abilities.

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Director: Scott Goldstein
Starring: Sarah Paulson Ernie HudsonAnn MagnusonJeremy London
Year: 1998
Country: USA
Running Time: 99 Minutes
Genre: Drama