After four years in prison, Bobby is released into a world he no longer recognizes. His exgirlfriend Penny is abusing drugs. Their daughter is in foster care. Bobby’s sister is in the process of rebuilding her life after a bad relationsihp. Bobby’s former mentor Murphy is paying Penny for sex while his friends Gerry and Dawn had a miscarriage that is tearing them apart. Dawn is terminally ill but doesn’t tell Gerry. Gerry falls for Samantha, a new waitress in town but doesn’t tell Dawn. Soon, fate will bring their lives together in a gut-wrenching conclusion that makes you question all that you know about love, life and death. In the tradition of Half Nelson and 21 Grams.

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Director: Tom Wilton
Starring: Lucy Garner, Charlotte Hunter, Michael Keogh, Tom Sawyer
Year: 2007
Country: UK
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Genre: Drama