Sean Parker (Pearson) is in an emotional rut and finding true love is his goal. His good friend Suzy (Knowles), suggests he start to reach his goal by opening his heart to his estranged father. Sean runs a modeling agency with his business partner Bastian, and they have their pick at beautiful girls every day. However, Sean wants something serious while Bastian is content on having a good time. In the business it is easy to date beautiful girls, finding true love is so much harder. After several attempts at serious relationships Sean either finds girls unable to commit, with their personal gain agenda or Sean finds himself unable to commit. It leads him down a spiritual path which ultimately opens his heart and mind, leading to a greater understanding of himself. Ultimately he is challenged to confront his deepest fears and to his surprise, it may hold the key to his quest for love.

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Director: Brent Bambic
Starring: Matthew Pearson, Jeanpaul Sanpedro, Kristia Knowles, Katherine Newcomer, Ashley Noel
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running Time: 105 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy