A disillusioned substitute teacher and a depressive cop strike up an online conversation that could change the course of their entire lives, in this dialogue-driven romantic comedy from director Michael Blaine. “Sylvia” and “Steiner” are two people who have grown disappointed with their lives. After entering into a stimulating online chat, the two strangers agree to meet up for coffee at a New York City café. From the first word spoken, it’s apparent to both that there is a strong connection. During the course of their conversation, both “Sylvia” and “Steiner” reveal intimate secrets about their pasts before hatching a plan that could make their dull lives interesting again.

“A bold and accomplished film” —Oregonian

“This film will last!” —Milpitas Post

“Intensive, Smart Thriller” —Nordwest Zeitung

“Sharply written, witty and surprisingly suspenseful” —Edmonton Journal


WINNER  Best Picture Sacramento International Film Festival

WINNER  Best Ensemble Cast  Breckenridge Festival of Film

WINNER  Best Feature Film River’s Edge Film Festival

WINNER  Audience Choice Award Big Muddy Film Festival

Official Selection San Antonio International Film Festival

Official Selection Edmonton International Film Festival

Official Selection Cinequest International Film Festival

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Director: Mickey Blaine
Starring: Nicole Blaine, Forest Erickson
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy