Winston Thorpe (David Morin) suspects his wife, Indigo (Vanessa Branch) of having an affair. The obsessive millionaire hires a slimy Scottish private-eye, Angus Stewart (Geno Andrews) to tail his wife and get the proof he needs to take action. But Angus and Indigo form a romantic alliance right after she agrees to steal her husband’s most treasured jewel, the world famous “Imperial Egg” worth millions, and give Angus half its worth. In turn, Angus agrees to help the oppressed Indigo to “disappear,” but the new lovers get careless and Winston starts finding evidence linking the two together. He soon finds the proof he needs to take the deadly action of his own. What ensues is an unpredictable game of revenge and deception that will keep you guessing till the very end – a post-modern who-dun-it thriller.

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Director: D. David Morin and Geno Andrews
Starring: Vanessa Branch, Ignacio Serricchio, Jose Yenque, Carlo Rota
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Genre: Thriller/Suspense