Celos takes place in contemporary Los Angeles, where a young Mexican immigrant couple, Teresa and Gerardo are building a live together. Unexpectedly, they receive a phone call from Sebastian, a long time friend of Gerardo, who tells them he’s coming to the US and needs a place to stay. They take him in, but over a brief period of time, the dynamics of their relationships change, creating jealousy conditions that spiral out of control. Gerardo is convinced that his young beautiful wife and his best friend are having an affair and becomes consumed with rage, and sets out of a rampage of revenge. In the end however, in the tradition of a classic Telenovela, things are not what they seem.

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Director: Gonzalo Martinez
Starring: Will Morales, Daniel Galo, Lucrecia Borges
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Genre: Drama