A critically acclaimed, international festival award winning feature debut the film effectively captures the push-pull of two people attracted to each other. In this quirky tale about a friendship that’s almost something more, Joey Kern and Alexandra Holden play pals who ought to be lovers, but their timing has never been right. When Alison (Holden) makes a late-night visit to Wes (Kern) on the eve of leaving for Tokyo to rejoin her beau, the two chums travel down an emotional memory lane, discovering truths about their relationship in the process. Richard Roundtree also stars as El Doctor, Wes’ mysterious and comical guardian angel. All the Days Before Tomorrow will likely trigger audience memories of relationships that could have been, and is a fine example of American independent story-telling.

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Director: Fran├žois Dompierre
Starring: Joey Kern, Alexandra Holden, Richard Roundtree
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy